TOP 10 Signs You’re A Twitter Addict!

Tremendous at Posted this smart Top 10 list – for the link see below. Are you an addict?

10. When Twitter Goes Down You Spiral Emotionally.
9. You Judge People On Their Following/Follower Count.
8. You Actually Hate Someone On Twitter That You Haven’t Met.
7. You’ve Contemplated Going To, Attended, or Dated Someone You Met At A TweetUp.
6. You Get Your News From The Trending Topics.
5. You’ve Used The Term “I Should Tweet That”.
4. You Can Tell When Your Spambots Are Getting Hotter.
3. You Know Which Avatar You Like Most Of A Twitter Friend’s.
2. You’ve Learned How To Ration Out Your Rate Limit.
1. You Think Your URL Shrinker Is Better Than Someone Else’s.

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