Twitter Poll – If Twitter had a Smell?

Twitter Poll – If Twitter had a smell – what would it be? Anyone?

[email protected] Body Odour & Pretzels
[email protected] Peanut Butter!
[email protected]_moose an Amway product
[email protected] NYC!
[email protected] Like a carnival maybe?
[email protected] Twitter would smell like the locker room at a strip club. And probably sound like it, too. That, or a urinal @ a KISS concert. (I love this one!)
[email protected] whatever a broke popular person smells like:)
[email protected] depends on the twitterers.each account would have different smell IMHO
[email protected] like walking through the fragrance bays at major dept stores. quick hits of different brands.
[email protected] it would smell like arse 🙂
[email protected] it would smell like the 4th of July – a mixture of watermelon, sulpher, BBQ, green summer grass and beer. Is that a smell?
[email protected] Like a beautiful honey dew morning mist…mixed with the smell of NFL players post game taint! lol.
[email protected] Would it be chicken…lol?
[email protected] fresh raindrops & warm blueberries…
[email protected] i would have to say twitter would smell congested .. haha
[email protected] Fresh cut grass
[email protected]_moose it’s still Amway
[email protected] Like Woodstock meets the Stock Exchange
[email protected] roses in a dumpster.
[email protected] Twitter would smell like citrus. warm, edible, zingy, seedy, sweet, tough, juicy, fruity, piquant, and good w/a drink.
[email protected]_vegas_grl83 fritos, redbull and stale beer aroma?
[email protected] Blueberry muffins??? (via @timwhitehomes).{Hmm-I like blueberry}
[email protected] freshly baked chocolate chip cookies sitting nicely in Tyson Beckfords lap…mmmmmmm
[email protected] Sheer White Cotton…..!!!!
[email protected] Grand Central OPEN AIR / Inside Type of smell waiting on your train 🙂
[email protected] POPCORN!
[email protected] the tweetist smell ever!
[email protected] like sweaty used car salesmen and celebrity perfume.
[email protected] a strange mix of sweat, coins, roses, and hope
[email protected] fresh baked cookies and gasoline
[email protected] A Twinky
[email protected] the smell of the wind O.O
[email protected] peppermint sayz me. Fun question!
[email protected] a dragster doing a burn out .The smell of burning rubber as it moves at the speed of an electron.
[email protected] freshly brewed coffee 🙂
[email protected] English Muffins – Oh no, not that, that’s what smell is in my house right now. I think it would smell like a mix of colognes.
[email protected] Lol…I smell money on twitter
[email protected] twitter would smell like walking through the fragrance bays at major dept stores. quick hits of different brands
[email protected] like money…billions of it fading away from productivity lost.
[email protected] is excitement a smell? If not, than maybe grass mixed with vanilla.
[email protected] Remember the smell of a new cassette tape?
[email protected] Hmm,I’d have to say cotton candy’cause it’s so fun,cute & sticky
[email protected] licorice.
[email protected] Peaches
[email protected] bird cage
[email protected] smell of weed or better yet new sneakers
[email protected] on who is doing the Tweeting. Some r rosey, some are fertilizer.
[email protected] it would be the smell of a clear summer day after a thunderstorm;clean,crisp, refreshing….don’t you think??
_ warm vanilla
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