Victor Technology DC840W High Rise™ Height Adjustable Electric Full Standing Desk Review

We got a chance to test out and review the Victor Technology standing desk. We’ve been super impressed with the quality of it, ease of use, etc. For starters, the initial assembling of the desk is extremely easy most anyone can do. Within a very short time, you can put the desk together and have it up and running. It’s incredibly sturdy and tough. Shortly after building we accidentally dropped a 25-pound speaker from several feet onto the desk and it survived it well with just a small mark. So it stands the drop test in the quality quite well. The legs are heavy and designed to not only provide support for weight but allow sturdiness in use. We loved the ease of use of the desk’s control panel, very quickly and easily with the push of a button move the desk up and down with ease. This along with 4 memory slots for programmed height levels. Overall we loved the desk and its build like a rock (especially after our accidental drop test) and we were very impressed by its ease and quality. Check out their website and pick out this or any one of their other variety of products.

The Victor DC840W allows users to alternate between sitting or standing while working. Creating a healthier work environment at home or in the office. The standard 48” wide by 23.6” deep surface allows room for essentials such as a monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, a PC while still being small enough to fit in tight workspaces. Perfect for those working from home or in a small office. With minimal parts, easily assemble the desk in ten minutes or less. A tabletop height range of 28.7”- 48.4” provides custom ergonomic settings for any person’s height. Smooth, electric operation raises the work surface at 0.6″ per second with minimal noise (under 50 dB), providing a fast, easy and quiet height adjustment. Simply press and hold the up-arrow button to raise the work surface and press and hold the down button to lower the surface to a seated position. Also includes a four-memory height setting to easily store favored seated and standing heights. To store a desired height, press and hold down a numbered button until the buzzer goes off and displays “S-1” which means the height was saved successfully. Sleek and durable ¾” chipboard tabletop and is thick enough to support a clampable monitor arm like Victor’s DC002 for a proper ergonomic position. The sturdy steel legs and tabletop provides years of use with a modern style for any home or office space. Cable management is also located under the tabletop to keep any workspace clean and organized. Ships in two separate boxes (1) box for the tabletop and accessories and (1) box for the sturdy steel legs and feet. Desktop has a maximum weight limit of 110 lbs. Dimensions: 48”W X 23.6”L X 28.7” to 48.4”H and 62.4lbs.

Standard Design
48” wide x 23.6” deep worksurface
Fits monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, PC, phone, and papers all on one level
4-Memory Setting Function
Easily program favored seated and standing heights
28.7”- 48.4” tabletop height range for users of various heights
Quiet Operation
Smooth electric operation provides fast and quiet tabletop height adjustment
Worksurface raises at 0.6″ per second with minimal noise
Fast & Easy Assembly
Can easily be done alone in 10 minutes or less
Ships In 2 Boxes
(1) box for the tabletop and accessories and (1) box for the steel legs and feet