Entrepreneur Video Interview: Lisa Warner of Finkcards.com

My interview with Entrepreneur Lisa Warner of Fink.com. Sheer Amazing. Lisa told me about her incredible success at her startup from literally a small idea she had, while just being a great mom to her family. In one years time she’s turned a prior bad business experience into a product and passion for what she loves. A simple product, that has a serious impact on the world and gets people to actually communicate. The great story and product comes right from the families kitchen table. She gives incredible advice to Entrepreneurs on how to achieve success and turn your ideas into a successful business. Theres a little bit of delay we had with beaming over the “pond” but its great info. Thanks Lisa!

Fink.com Contact Info:
Twitter @FinkCards
Website: www.finkcards.com
For Sales or Retail Inquiries: In the UK 0845 051 4665
Email: Lisa@finkcards.com

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