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Humanity is on the ropes in the workplace. Around the world, employee engagement is at levels so low (13%) you can practically hear the collective yawn. The very nature of work is at monumental crossroads, with contingent and flexible employees jockeying for position next to full-timers, the masses demanding a better overall work experience than what they inherited from previous generations, and leadership largely at a loss for how to fix a broken system.

Whirling Chief is Here to Stir Things Up!
It’s clearly time for a change, which is why SESIL PIR Consulting GmbH (sesilpir.com), a boutique management consultancy, out of Zurich, invested in a digital collaboration and learning platform with one goal in mind: championing humanity in the workplace!

Based on the belief that the new ‘people first’ era will be achieved collaboratively through equal parts inspiration, science and technology; the team has gathered — and continue to enlist — some of the greatest minds in the HR industry and blend it with the world’s top academic research (Harvard, ISB, Stanford, Carlson School of Management) to share thoughts, videos and guides on the most pressing people management topics leading into 21st century.

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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders: https://goo.gl/d8poFD
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Leading HR in 21st Century: https://goo.gl/2iFE8j

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