For seemingly over a year now I have applied over and over to get access to the new Live Video ability on Linkedin. I keep waiting for it to be released to the public.
I’ve applied so many times and been put off so often that they have finally disabled my ability to request again. Who is failing Linkedin at bringing it into the 21st century with live video that other platforms have had for almost 10 years? And who is deciding who gets it, not to mention why isn’t it widely released now to everyone?

I’ve had influencer friends request for me to get access to the people overseeing it. I’ve had friends laugh about how they were given access to it and have never used it, nor plan to that are just wasting it. Whoever is overseeing this is botching it extraordinarily.

In the past, I was in the top 1% of people searched for on Linkedin. I have nearly 60,000 connections and followers on Linkedin. I have a large following and grew a group from zero to 135,000 on Linkedin. I have 8 podcasts with nearly 500 episodes. I have almost 3500 videos and 22 million views on Youtube. I’M VERY COMFORTABLE BEING ON VIDEO. Across my Twitter accounts, we reach over 400,000 followers. I have accolades: Forbes Top 50, Top Retweeted, etc. and I keep being rejected for live video access?

I’ve spent years promoting Linkedin to most of my influential friends who treat it like social media 3rd wheel and I can’t even get access to it? Let alone, why can’t anyone? It’s 2020!
Is it because the quality of posted video might go down? Linkedin is filled with some of the most mind-numbing, non-business, silly content, like cats, dogs, cheesy feel-good memes. I spend hours trying to curate out all the childish and silly stuff from my business feed. Live video cant make it much worse than it already is, but actually might IMPROVE IT.
Heres an example of the silly non-business videos already on Linkedin:

If anything Linkedin NEEDS to save its platform and bring better business content.

So I don’t know whats going on but I would ask that you inquire and look into it and who is running it.

In finding out I’m blocked from reapplying I’ve discontinued paying for your service. Its crazy people are paying all this money for a site that cant even keep up with Twitter or Facebook?
Please look into it and bring your company into the 21st century competitive with other platforms. I can’t figure out any reasonable logic on why Linkedin has fallen so behind on this.

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