Whats The Purpose of Life, Giving and How I Got Involved in Social Media. What Makes Us Humans Being.

This is a great Video with some incredible concepts. Below I share with you my PERSONAL Social Media inspired journey. The concepts are: “We are all human beings, we should give each other hope to live. If you cant give food, give mental nutrition. We all have 5.5 liters of blood, we are all human beings. We are all the same. What is life about? Giving – start giving.”

I wish I could give as much as this guy. In late 2008, I had discovered Twitter and its ability to grow business and share inspiration with others. I took some inspirational ideas from what I saw on Twitter and expanded it as large as I could. It became evident to me very quickly that in this most desparate recession, one that I had predicted on my bank consulting blog in 2006-2007, years earlier, that people needed uplifting now more than ever before. Few greater gifts with unending residuals can you give someone than the gift of possibilities and hope.

For 20 years as a CEO over my companies I’d written the newsletters to employees and clients, turns out blogging and uplifting others had always come 2nd nature to me, before they even called it blogging. I’d always counseled employees, business people and my business friends told me I should start a consulting business over a decade before I even got the time to do it. I didnt become something for Social Media, turns out Social Media had BECOME ME. Let me repeat that: “I didnt become something for Social Media, turns out Social Media had become Me.” Successful CEO’s, salespeople and leaders have always “engaged,” Social Media just provided a more expansive technology by which to do it with. Every successful company I’d created was built on a marketing concept as close to Social Media as we could get without the technology we could only dream about at the time.

My concept was to create an inspiring blog sharing what I’d learned over decades of being a serial entrepreneur. To give people ideas, tools and hope within our darkest recession. I choose to share freely stuff that I had spent a business fortune learning the hard painful old fashioned way. I asked myself, when I was starting out, what would I have wanted to know. What were the secrets I’d found. What mistakes would I have paid millions to avoid. What were my “trick ponies” of success. When hundreds of thousands of dollars where lost in profits on markets or mistakes how did I keep my head about me as an entrepreneur for others to learn. On my blog in over several hundred posts the info is richly shared…if the ignorant will watch past the first 2 minutes and actually learn….

What did I find in those office hallways of solitude pacing about my business’ as investments earned and lost sped through my head. Do you know what its like to worry about the payroll and way of life of hundreds of employees and your decisions and how they effect them? How many blogs do you read of CEO’s who have signed almost a half and inch of hundreds of checks every 2 weeks? Do you know what its like to lose or gain a couple hundred thousand in a few hours in your business portfolio and not lose it in your entrepreneurial head. Do you know how to keep it straight when you make more than the leader of the free world twice your age or that what you make monthly comes in, in an hour of day trading? My blog is worth millions for what I’ve shared if you use the information wisely. “Knowledge is only power to the extent that it is used. ” Tony Robbins. Along with that and the inspiring quote stream as a compliment because entrepreneurs need the feeding of positive thoughts and ideals. I grew up poor and self educated – positive ideals ares ALL I started with…

Sadly, I’m still often attacked by jealous self loathing sycophants projecting their self hatred and ill-will on me. Always by people who call themselves Social Media Experts, yet dont see the irony in being “anti-social” by attacking me. They lack the business maturity of building strategic alliances with me. Theres even little hate gangs who sit and loathe over me yet they always Tweet that they watch to learn from what I’ll do next. The ignorant mock me without truly learning my personal interests. I’ve had thousands of employees, I’ve learned all you can ever do is your best and not worry about what ugliness people have inside them.

Over the last 2 years I’ve been on an incredible journey of my accumulated business acumen of speaking, teaching and learning. Reaching a worldwide audience of clients is incredible. With Skype technology, to be able to communicate on video, face to face with clients has been a journey unparalleled in my old world long distance telemarketing days. Whether my firms clients have been in Canada, the UK, South America, New Zealand, South Africa or Australia, it has been an extraordinary dynamic venture on 5+ Continents.

In addition to over 1000 comments I’ve collected of people thanking me. I’ve had people tell me that ‘today was their darkest day and they thought of ending it all’ and somehow a random quote or influence I put out, turned on the positive change light. I’ve had people tell me they have been out of work for 2 years and my Twitter stream has kept them mentally afloat. I’ve had people tell me that my published work has made all the difference in improving the quality of their lives. I’ve had people tell me that my influence changed their paradigm in life and turned their life a better way. I’ve had other Social Media people who’ve been wise enough to build strategic relationships with me grow and become successful heeding my advice. I’ve had people tell me they check in everyday so I can put a smile on their face that they wake up to. For this influence, I could never be more proud.

Its all these comments and people telling me that I have made a difference in their lives, that have helped keep me giving. Many times when I get ‘hated on’ and I wonder…then someone will write me, thanking my encouragement and it makes all the difference to Them. Those are the people I keep reaching and sharing for. You’re job is to give to those people FOR those people. Giving is what I enjoy most about Social Media and with its technology I’ve evidenced touching and changing peoples lives.

In the early days of our old brick and mortar business’, we donated to the child abuse wards of local hospitals to help them keep physically abused children away from their abusive parents and the APSCA has been my main charity for years. I’m honored and blessed that I can share in more ways than a simple dollar can give because hope and vision has no limits. To the end that it can effectively change others lives and the lives they share, I wish there was more I could give and my efforts are towards that goal in the blog you now read. I will always try to Shine On. We’ll always try to deliver this daily on THIS BLOG.

If you remember anything in my journey as Chris Voss I hope you will ALWAYS REMEMBER MY MESSAGE: We’re all Human’s Being. Give. Touch a life outside your circle. Effectively INSPIRE the world. Reach out. GIVE. Shine On…as Humans Being….

Chris Voss