Why You Should Quit Complaining About Klout And Other Influence Measuring Sites

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Its time to quit all the whining and complaining about how Klout, Kred, Peer Index or whatever influence measuring site, doesnt measure EVERYTHING in influence. Look the smart people get it and instead of complaining are busy expanding their influence by creating great content and NOT FOR THE PURPOSE OF GETTING A HIGH SCORE. I’m tired of hearing how one person or company has metrics that are better.

Heres why its time to shut up: No system is perfect. Most all these companies are startups dealing with massive and fast growing social media sites. Nor can a company overnight even if it had a trillion dollar budget immediately launch code to measure everything on the internet. Everyday a handful of new networks go live and many dont have API’s like individual blogs that can be measured. The bottom line though is, that scoring companies are CLOSER than anyone else at measuring influence because they are using a formula and measuring the top networks. Just like polling isnt 100% accurate, using the right measurements you can get close. I have a ton of respect in what they are working on and can see their vision of the future.

If you think you can do a better job, shut up, go get tens of millions of dollars and prove it with your own startup. Being a top player in Social Media I know who the top players are. I’ve found that Klout and others are as accurate as you can come WITH THE DATA THAT they are using. Is it perfect? No, but neither are you. Every time I hear someone complaining about their score I go check out their traffic analytics, their ability to influence reach and get a chuckle when I see how anemic it is. They’ll spend hours agonizing over their score and make only 2 weak blog posts a year.

If you’re complaining your Klout score isnt high enough its likely you are overvaluing how much influence you have. You’re also missing the point. Look and compare the Impressions and Contact Reach you have on your networks. What power do you have to drive MASSIVE amounts of traffic to a site? Have you researched how much reach and power the top scorers have compared to yourself? If you cant post something to your networks and drive over 100 people to a site then you should work on doing that instead of complaining. There are people getting hundreds of retweets DAILY, have built years of online reputations and sell thousands to tens of thousands of dollars with their sites. Have you done that? Saying you got 10 extra retweets today and your score should jump higher is delusional. Online influencers have spent YEARS building reputation and garnering a following.

Heres the thing, I and other top scorers ARENT “gaming for score.” I hear we’re “gaming” and thats the battle cry of ignorance. I measure my success online by my ability to DRIVE TRAFFIC AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE. I dont care what my scores are. I dont sell my services based on some score, I SELL PROVING MY ABILITY TO DRIVE TRAFFIC. See the picture above where just ONE of my many Twitter accounts reaches 150+ million impressions. THATS INFLUENCE POWER. The ability to “turn eyeballs.” If you want to know my power I’ll show you graphs like this that measures TRUE INFLUENCE in my reach, not some imperfect silly score. I spend my time caring about creating great DAILY content and how much people LIKE what I blog about, which results in hundreds of thousands of readers. I measure how much my clients and advertisers like my content and put money in my bank account in reward for good service and traffic. In checking my Amazon Affiliate earnings account to see people ROUTINELY BUYING what I review and recommend. While you’re busy wasting time looking at yours and other peoples scores everyday, I’m looking at my Google Analytics, working on creating great content of 2-3 blog posts daily, driving more traffic and my bank account balance. is lucky if I check into their site once a week and its usually to not check my score, it could be zero for all I care.

Nothing is perfect, yes there are flaws and missing data but in the end shut up and get to work on actually BEING a real influencer. Create great CONSISTENT, REGULAR content and build massive influence. You’re score is a RESULT of that work, a score should be the LAST thing you focus on. Now shut up and get to work!