Why Self Talk is Important to Success and Self Actualization

If the Magic 8 ball really had the answers, what 3 questions would you choose to ask it?:: Amelia Blanquera
Samples Questions:
Am I going to finish college?
Will I even be able to get a job once college is finished?
Will I eventually be 100% happy with my life?
Will I ever be a healthy individual?
What am I supposed to do with my life?
Will I ever be even remotely happy?
Should I end this now?
How long will it be until she stops loving me like everyone else does?
Will I ever truly make something of myself?
When will I die?
Will my family be happy?
Can I take control of my ADHD, anxiety, and depression once and for all?
Will I ever be as happy as I aspire to be? can I let myself?