Winder Farms Duped & Scammed Me, Poor Service & Product Review @winderfarms

*Updates at bottom of post.

On The Chris Voss Show, we’ve reviewed many offered discounts to try food delivery services. Their offers are usually open ended for cancellation, hoping to get you to try their service risk-free. I have an offer right now on my desk with a competing company for $30 free to try them out. This is pretty standard as I’ve tried a number of these services.

Recently, I saw a Facebook Ad offering me $50 to try Winder Farms. You can see the sign-up forms below. Everything presented as a free open-ended, risk-free offer. There’s even a popup you can see in the pictures below, that states the assurance of “Free-Trial!” Even in the follow-up emails when you don’t sign up immediately, they say you can “get” $50 free (See picture below.) I finally relented and signed up.

So being Vegan, I got the first delivery of fruits and vegetables. The delivery was odd as they were delivered at my door at 11:30 AT NIGHT! If I had been asleep they would have been out there all night long. The produce was TINY, over ripe and within 24 hours of going bad. The Lemons were small and hard, Tomatoes were small and 1/2 I had to toss the next day. One even had mold on the end of it! The ginger and the rest was clearly at the point of going bad. The Kale was the only thing not on the edge of rot but was a tiny bushel. The whole setup looked like they’d rummaged through stuff the grocery store had tossed out and they’d sent it to me. It was disgusting. Not to mention grossly over priced and to add insult to injury, they charged a delivery fee on top of it. AND some giant cooler bag that warns me I have to return it to get my deposit back. Wait I dont remember signing up for a deposit bag on my order.

So I called to cancel the service and stated I wasn’t impressed. Winder Farms stated to me that I was contractually obligated for 40 deliveries but if I paid back the $50 they’d let it go. REALLY? If I had wanted produce that outdated, I could dumpster dive the local grocery store to get bigger and fresher fruit! You can see the signup forms in the pictures below, NOTHING clearly stated I would be obligated to 40 deliveries as they took my credit card. I work in Online Tech. I read what I’m clicking. I never saw any mention of that.

When I spoke with Winder Farms they said it was also told to me clearly signing up AND on my confirmation email. It was not as you can see in the pictures. NOTHING in my emails says anything about 40 deliveries contract or I would have canceled immediately. They said it was in the TOS which no one ever reads, but I would never have guessed if as a consumer if I didn’t like their products, they’d punish me. I even shared my signup as free advertising on social media to my large audience to give them free business! Basically, they hoodwinked me with the TOS knowing no one ever reads that and not being fully up front in disclosers. THIS SHOULD HAVE CLEARLY BEEN STATED ON THE SIGNUP PAGE. Its bail and trap service.

After demanding a manager review this, they came back and said if I cough up $29 they will release me from this! Out of principal, I have refused to pay the extortion!

In the end, I would NEVER recommend them or their products or services. Their customer service on top of it was repugnant.

UPDATE: So I never heard back from Winder Farms but I guess they saw the Tweets. It appears they just deleted my account on their site as it says my email is no longer an account there. Interesting way of “customer service.” Originally, they tried extorting me for $50 back. Then lowered to $29. Meanwhile, their Twitter pumps out a continuous stream of “5 Star Reviews. Seems a bit much. I hope they learn better service in the future.

2nd UPDATE: Nearly a month after having Winder secretly delete my account, suddently I was charged $29.95 for early cancellation. Total scam.