Worlds Top Tweeters?

Thanks to Teqnolog and Mr. Keely for this blog post (See Link Below). After being an CEO over many companies, I tend to chat alot, lol. I usually did the newsletters that went out to hundreds of employees and so tweeting gives me a new audience.

My goal has been to entertain, inspire and educate people with my blog, to people all around the world. Twitter is an incredible vehicle for this. I make it a point to respond to anyone who chats with me. Yes, I talk a lot because I want to brighten your day, make you laugh, inspire and educate you if I can.

I’ve build many successful multi-million dollar companies over the last 2 decades and My Company Strategix One has Clients Worldwide, who get Business Consulting and Social Media Consulting.

I’d like to thank the hundreds of people who have emailed me, commented me and tweeted me on the positive impact I’ve had in their lives. Recently, on Christmas Eve, someone told me about how a video I did changed their life and turned it around. It moves me that many people feedback my effects.

In business, if you talk negatively about your competitors, it reflects badly on you. While this is “Social” Media I have always been amazed and saddened by my competitors attacks on me and people who project their issues upon me. I hope that in the future these folks will see the vision of spending this time on more productive outlets of endearing their own successes like the ones on my resume. Statues are build to visionaries and leaders, not critics. I make it a point to try to be a positive message beacon.

Thanks to my supporters with the vision to enjoy what I work so hard to share. Most of my stuff is free content thats education driven. Do I talk to much, maybe a little, I’m very social and you never can learn too much and I try to donate a lot of what’s made me successful. Thats SOCIAL Media and I’m Chris Voss.

Because of you folks, I feel Blessed.


Chris Voss
Teqnolog Blog Post Link Check out their interesting site.