ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 TV Speaker Unboxing Review With Hearing Aid Technology @ZVOXaudio

Flat screen TVs don’t have room inside for speakers that sound good. So TV sound quality is worse than ever – creating an epidemic of people who can’t understand dialogue on TV shows, movies and sports broadcasts. But we have the solution – a tiny but powerful sound system with built-in hearing aid technology…….”

The ZVOX AccuVoice TV Speaker is a precision made, finely tuned sound bar, stylish aluminum cabinet. The revolutionary AccuVoice® system uses hearing aid technology to deliver incredibly clear voices – on movies, TV shows or sporting events. Output Leveling tames loud commercials. It’s easy to program the AV200 so it will work with virtually any remote control. If you want to hear voices better in programming then the AV200 is perfect for you!

Dolby Digital

AccuVoice® feature uses hearing aid technology to deliver ultra-clear dialogue.
Works with your current remote control.
Output Leveling tames loud commercials.
Multiple inputs make it simple to add a multi-zone streaming audio receiver.
Works well with any size TV.
NOTE: The AccuVoice TV Speaker cannot be used in conjunction with an Audio/Video Surround Sound Receiver.
More Detail for the Detail-Minded
Great Sound.The most important feature for any home theater system is high quality sound. The AV200 uses three high-performance speakers with Hearing aid technology, an acoustically stable aluminum cabinet and a 24-watt Class D digital amplifier to create clear, natural sound.

Uses your Remote Control. The AV200 can be programmed to respond to your remote control. The illuminated display walks you through the process in less than a minute. Then your TV remote or cable box remote or satellite receiver remote or any remote can control volume, mute, and power.

Taming Loud Commercials. If you’ve ever been blasted out of your chair by a too-loud commercial, or by a cable channel that’s twice as loud as another channel, you’ll love the Output Leveling (OL) feature on the AV200. Just push the ‘OL’ button and a sophisticated compression system takes over, making soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer, so there are fewer jarring moments when switching channels or when commercials come on.

Clear Voice Reproduction. Do you ever have trouble understanding voices while watching a TV show? Then you’ll love the AccuVoice feature on the AV200. It uses hearing aid technology to tailor the sound so voices are crystal-clear. No other system matches the voice clarity of AccuVoice.

Slim Aluminum Cabinet. The AV200 features a stylish, slim cabinet constructed of anodized aluminum – not plastic. The metal design provides low-resonance audio characteristics, and allows the AV200 to produce clear dialogue sound while maintaining a slim cabinet depth of 3.1 inches.