Mr. C Hotel Beverly Hills Review FAIL – Poor Customer Service @mrcbeverlyhills

Mr C Hotel Beverly Hills

The top of the list scam about this place is its NOT even in Beverly Hills. Its in Los Angeles. Its just named that. This is where the tricks start for a tourist trap.

Santa Monica Daily Press: “In my opinion, this is an international restaurant chain run like McDonald’s,”

Mr. C Hotel Beverly Hills The Amy’s Bakery Fail of Beverly Hills? How Bad Is This Place?

Let me say I’ve stayed at a lot of hotels with traveling and all the stuff I’ve done. I’ve stayed in Beverly Hills hotels, Fairmonts, Loews Hotels on down to Motel 6. Never before have I seen such poor management of a place and frankly I’ve felt more welcome at a Motel 6. Their handling of Corporate accounts and clients are despicable and irresponsible. The service at a Fairmont Hotel makes this place look like a roach motel. I recently had a palacial room at Caesars in Vegas a month ago for 1/3 the price of Mr C’s and UPDATED for wifi and plenty of charging sockets. At Ceasars I even had dual shower and his and her baths for cheaper than this white washed up old Beverly Hillbilly from the 60’s-ish era.

This last week I was put up at the Mr. C Beverly Hills by a wonderful corporate sponsor who spent a TON of money and promotion for this old joint. The Sponsor was awesome and stellar. Sadly this hotel doesnt care about me or them either. I probably gave them a grand or more of promotion across Social Media in chatter and pictures. To add insult to injury I even FREELY pre-premoted and promoted this old hotel in a manner many would pay me a lot of money for advertising. So what do you do when you have a half decent restaurant chain? You buy an old dumpy hotel in Beverly hills and over charge for being a boutique hotel with an over ego restaurant in it. You take a 1960’s era hotel, renovate it and but after you’re done, theres no bathtubs, the shower is the size of a closet, paint everything white for that chic boutique effect which including old pictures are just poorly built. Then you make sure you dont update the pool with a HOT TUB and good luck trying to find a spare outlet or wifi cable plugs that make you wonder how old or sound the wiring is. I guess if you put up enought pretty shit and paint it all white people wont notice the details. Then hire some poor management that dont really care to run it. Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills – come on down! At best its a poor tourist trap.

Heres the problems list which is usually an indictment of poor management from the top down:

1. Other than the Valet department which did great, the rest of service especially the restaurant was poor to awful. I guess if you’re in Beverly Hills you dont have to give a shit and you can act like it. Only problem is the Hotel is in Los Angeles, not Beverly Hills, Google it. Wonderful way to trade customer service experience for pretentious stuffy overpriced bullshit.

2. One of the bloggers found a very small curly hair in his food, not the size you want to find really, looking back I’m actually surprised they cared to replaced his meal. The mashed potates we got seemed worse than instant potatoes it looked and had the texture of mustard. I didnt know what it was at first, I thought it was thick soup. Between that and the average food we werent that impressed as bloggers. The wait service is average and restaurant managers are supremely overly pretentious. They act like real pains in the ass and I’d hate to work for them. Yet yours truly isnt welcome there at dinner time. Hair in food, porn people but not MY kind of fat ugly relaxed people. I’ll get to that later.

3. Ya it actually gets more stupid: What started out as a $100 deposit for incidentals, by the 2nd night the hotel was over billing me to an almost $500 deposit and secretly jacking up the deposit for food that was sponsor paid and parking which had never been discosed to me was $36 bucks a night. They took my deposit card and went from $100 to almost $500 in 2 days? WTF??? On top of their horribly over priced old hotel, my corporate sponsor had noted on the account they would pay for all of this but the idiot employees where ignoring that and unknown to me were jacking up the deposit on my cards to the point of my bank surprising me with a negative balance. We’d been having fun spending money around town, renting cars and this caught me way off guard. I’ve never seen this done. A hotel takes a deposit nad then settles on checkout. When I called them, they said if I couldnt provide a card with more funds they would have to lock me out of the room and EVEN hustled me about getting my car to go put the pile of cash I had on me to fix them and my bank. At the time I didnt know they were draining my account by increasing the deposit. What sort of scam is this? I had to waste time to goto my bank and move around funds after only 2 days there!! A corporate sponsor is paying for my hotel and incedentals AND the Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills is busting my balls about getting my car to leave to the bank as if I’ll split?? I am not even shitting you this conversation happened. What a joke. They wasted my time, money and in the end I had a zero balance owed to them because my sponsor had paid it all when I closed out. Several days later they STILL have not released the deposit on the 2nd card they took. What a joke.

4. The Worst: They only have ONLY one restaurant to eat at in the Hotel. Its a LITTLE place that seats maybe 75-100 and takes itself way too seriously. On top of that our sponsor paid for our meals in it. While I was welcome in my standard shorts and flip flops anytime, on the 2nd evening I was informed I wasnt up to “evening” dress code and couldnt be let in. I needed pants and closed shoes as they were trying to create some dinner/club atmosphere in this area the crappy little size of the restaurant. Meanwhile maybe a lame 20 people are in their “club restaurant” like anyone even cares. After a bit of suggestion of our corporated sponser they relented and let me be seated. Ironically Larry Flynt of Hustler of porn fame (I like Larry, no slight to him) is welcome to eat there but I’m not. I either dont film enough porn or I’m not super rich in dress I guess. The 2nd nite all this stuff hit a boiling point when I was rudely asked to leave after sitting with my blogger friends for not being up to “evening attire.” I was rudely informed in front of everyone that I would have to leave and the prior night of seating me was just a single exception. In a room the size of a couple of only 2 large Living Rooms this is really silly. Its was the most embarrasing thing I can think of happening to me a very long time. Theres only one place to eat there in this shitty old hotel and now I cant eat there and have to forage for food outside. BUT my money is good for the hotel and anything else. This dump is charging upwards of $400 a night and my money still isnt good enough to eat dinner there. I guess really my corporate sponsors money STILL was good enough. How insulting. Worst part is the Valets who walked me kindly down to the closest restaurant to have dinner informed that they have seen PLENTY OF PEOPLE WITH SHORTS AND FLIP FLOPS EATING IN THEIR restaurant. This was just someone in management being a asshole and not liking me PERSONALLY. I guess the management just took a shine to me looking like a fat guy not dressed up to their standards. How offensive. They saw me as just some dumb poor pushover they could abuse based on my dress. Theres a million stories of business poorly judging customers based upon look and losing business because of it. Rest of story below.

5. The 2nd day we picked up some wine, brie and crackers to go soak in the Hot Tub. Lo and behold – theres is NO hot tub making this overpriced heap more of a joke. Just the same crappy 1960’s little 5 feet deep pool (fucking lame) that had enough floating bugs and leaves to not look appealing even looking just old. No sooner did we sit down and the very nice waiter explained he’s be in trouble if he allowed us to eat our brie unless we ordered from the restaurant. We were shocked and insensed. He was cool and a great guy. He was nice to let us just get something but someone needs to slap around his manager leaning on him. If you’re paying attention all the dick moves here, they keep coming back to the restaurant huh. Starting to see the picture yet?

6. Last but not least when I complained to the expressionless manager of the hotel and not a care was given. I’d have done better talking to a wall or dead brick. No apology, no offer of making up for it, just a “Well I’ll talk to the restaurant manager.” This is why I complain about stuff like this – poor management comes from the top down. Some idiot near the top doesnt give a shit, so no one else does on down.

7. The Hotel is noisy as hell. Its a small old hotel and if your windows face the valet you’ll hear cars all day and night. Worse you’ll hear trucks beeping up and down their small driving lot in the morning. Get a room on the other side of the hotel, although a major road is there, good luck. The place is old and sound proofing traffic wasnt a deal back then. The noise sadly ruined a great view.

8. Good news: Whoever is running the Valet is doing an awesome stellar job. They did a great job. Must be run by an outside company for all I can tell. When I asked to walk to a restaurant they actually walked me down around the corner so I could find it. Wow. Top notch and super friendly guys.

9. If you stay here and want REALLY good food, walk down less than half a block to Picca. Check the 655+ Yelp reviews. Food and service is awesome and attentive and makes Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills look like Mr Mc Donalds food.

10. The pictures on their site and Facebook are INCREDIBLY decieving. The pool they make look super long and its just a sad little almost wading pool. They use some really long angles shooting this place. Hey it makes for a good tourist trap. The moment you walk in they offer you a complementary drink. I see why now, if you’re a little sauced you wont notice the details.

So in the end after the uncaring hotel manager did her best “I really dont give a shit” dead pan attitude or lack of care for my experience, I told them that since they only have one food place in their hotel maybe they should ONLY let people STAY in the hotel that MEET the dress code. I’d get it if there was another place in the hotel while relaxing to eat, like there are in NICE hotels. “Your money is good in our overpriced dump and resteraunt but after 6pm FUCK YOU.” Amazing lack of customer service and experience.

Since I wasnt going back to breakfast to insulting eat in the restaurant I was kicked out of the night before, that will then gladly take my “prior to 6pm” money I decided to cut the trip short and leave. I can think of a bazillion better places to stay in SoCal with better customer service including a Motel 6 too.

I’ll be avoiding this place and talking about how bad it was till the end of time on my talks and speeches on poor customers service. Thanks Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills with stories for the masses on what NOT to do. Seriously neither your food or hotel is that great. The Valets help get you 1/2 a Star. Just like the Beverly Hillbillies car its an overpriced hotel with too much white paint hiding a jalopy. Remember dont treat customers by how they “look.” Thats disgusting and poor customer service.