Mr. C Hotel Beverly Hills The Amy’s Bakery Fail of Beverly Hills? How Bad? @mrcbeverlyhills

Mr C Hotel Beverly Hills 1

The top of the list scam about this place is its NOT even in Beverly Hills. Its in Los Angeles. Its just named that. This is where the tricks start for a tourist trap.

I wrote about how horrible this place was for customer service. Click link here. They are like the Amy’s Bakery of Kitchen Nightmares when it comes to service especially in their restaurant.

Santa Monica Daily Press: “In my opinion, this is an international restaurant chain run like McDonald’s,”

Hey so lets read the Yelp reviews – click for links:

– Had one of the worst restaurant experience two Fridays ago at Mr C Beverly Hills!! Growing up in LA being in F&B business and eating out almost every night, the night at Mr C Beverly Hills was the WORST EVER!! The meal was plated like cafeteria food, salty and over priced, each cocktail at the bar outside was priced at $18.99 on average (even a Hennessy VS and ginger-ale) … its not about the money, but I can find better places to spend mine!!

To top it off, we waited for AN HOUR AND HALF for the check to come to the table of 8 adults and one kid!!! During that hour and half, no water, coffee, or anything else were offered … nor did the waitstaff touched or acknowledged the table!! At the end of the night, the managers chose to defend themselves with their pompous broken English instead of recognizing their mistakes. Needless to say, this place SUCKED!!

All the restaurants chains from NY City, do your homework before coming into LA, cause you dont know JACK about this city and your know it all attitude is the reason why most of you FAIL in LA …..

Get your sh*t together Mr. C. There’s is no reason we should have been treated like this.

disappointing stay

I would think that Mr C would have presented some better food. Maybe I am wrong, maybe they serve overcooked meat and dry cake to all of their customers, but I certainly won’t be coming back to find out.

– I had to stay at this hotel for a business trip, and I must say I’m extremely disappointed with the standard this oh-so-chic hotel holds themselves. SO MANY mistakes, and in this day in age, where a Vegas hotel room is more on the ball than a very expensive Beverly Hills Hotel, I’m sorry but this is totally unacceptable. No one in accounting returns phone calls, nickel and dime you, are you kidding? For such a fancy place, how do you not have an ironing board… front desk can’t find a reservation, ehhh, I’ll pass. Not to mention, my co-worker and I had the worst burgers ever. She got sick and I don’t think I’ve ever consumed so much salt in my life. And two weeks to receive a credit for their mistake? What, are we in the ice age? I’m sorry, I’d rather stay in an Embassy Suites. Thanks.

“Run by people who don’t have a clue how to run a hotel”

“Disappointed – Will not return.”

“Tiny rooms, overpriced restaurant, no amenities”

“Beware, the over booking”

“Beautiful Hotel, poor customer service”

“Up and downs, if this is this Cipriani standard then it is shameful!!!!!”

“Mediocre hotel. Not close to five stars”



Ok – theres too many to list. Caveat Emptor: Let the buyer beware.